Due to hazards of our environment we have a no child policy in the salon. Children are welcomed by appointment only. However if your bringing in more than one child for appointments, please schedule them in separately. Please make the proper arrangements or we’ll have to reschedule, resulting in a rescheduling fee.


All cancellations must be received at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Canceling within the 48 hours will result in a charge of a minimum of 70% of the scheduled service. Not showing for your appointment will result in a charge for the full service.

If you can’t find an appointment with the stylist of your choice, call the salon at 503.581.6030. Our salon coordinator may be able to book an appointment not found by our online booking system.


When booking a Balayage or Creative color service please call the salon to book your appointment, these services require a longer appointment time and a possible consultation to determine the appropriate service needed. When booking these appointments , the following info will be necessary to secure your time slot:   First and last name, email, phone number, and a card to hold on file (numbers on front, exp date, code on back, and zipcode).

*Card will only be charged in the case of a “no-show” or failure to give proper notice of cancelling or rescheduling. Failure to give proper notice will result in a charge equal to the full amount of your scheduled service. To avoid charges, you must give 48 hours notice.*

Please arrive with clean and dry hair so we are able to assess your hair’s natural movement for cut and/or color (no crazy buns/ponys, braids, or unruly curls) . Sweat, excessive natural oils or hair product creates a buffer and does not allow hair color to process correctly.

If any aspect of your visit did not meet your satisfaction. We will happily adjust your services within 1 week of the original services purchased. Clementé Porras A Creative Parlor does not offer Refunds or Exchanges on services, products or tools.


Welcome to Clemente Porras A Creative Parlor!
We are thrilled you chose us for all your hair needs. Building comfortable and trusting relationships, and providing exceptional service to our clients is what we strive for. We have set the following salon policies and recommendations in place to make your salon experience a great one.

Silence all devices: ​For a more enjoyable experience for you and other clients in the salon, We ask that you silence your devices and refrain from making calls while in the salon. We understand that emergencies may arise and a call may need to be taken. In these instances please speak to your stylist about stepping outside to take the call. We also understand that you may want to play with or watch videos on your device while you are processing. We ask that you do so on silent or wear headphones (making sure they don’t interfere with your hair service).

Child Policy: ​At Clemente Porras A Creative Parlor we feel that children who attend their parents appointments at the salon pose a safety issue. In the salon we work with sharp scissors, razors, hot tools, chemicals and other equipment that can be dangerous for a un supervised child. We do not have a designated area for children nor do we have the staff that can keep an eye on them while you receive your service. Due to this we ask that children (18 yrs and younger) visit the salon by appointment only.
Please note when bringing in a child for an appointment, the child must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We ask that parents wait in the waiting area and not hover over the the child or sit in the salon chairs next to them.
Children must be able to sit still to receive their service. When bringing in more that one child please book them separately or have one adult per child.
Please make proper arrangements or we will have to reschedule, resulting in a rescheduling fee.

We understand that this can be an inconvenience but know our main concern is for the safety of your child, other guests and our staff. Thank you for your understanding.

Cancellation Policy: ​All cancellations must be received at least 48 hours prior to scheduled appointments. Canceling within 48 hours will result in a charge of a minimum of 60% of the scheduled service. No shows will result in 100% charge of the missed service. Balayage or Creative color appointments require at least a 10 day notice for cancellations, as these services require a large block of time and are more difficult to fill when a cancellation occurs. Please call the salon to reschedule or cancel appointments.

Waiting Area: ​Our waiting area is a small space with limited seating. We ask that you refrain from bringing friends or family with you to your appointment. The salon can get very busy and seats fill up. If a friend is waiting for you they may be asked to give up their seat for clients who are waiting for their appointments. If a friends stops in while you are receiving a service please do not have them hover around your chair as this could interfere with your hairstylist.They may be asked to leave.

Please arrive with clean, dry hair so that we are able to assess your hair’s natural movement for cut and or color. No crazy buns/pony’s, braids, or unruly curls. Sweat and excessive natural oils or hair product creates a buffer and does not allow hair color to process correctly. If a wash and/or blow dry is needed prior to your service, it may result in an added charge.
If you have any questions or concerns at anytime please feel free to speak to your hair stylist and/or salon manager.