Tattoo Pre/Post Care

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Tattoo Pre/Post Care


Tattoo Pre/Post Care

  • Be hydrated, at least 48 hours before your tattoo it is your responsibility to work on hydrating yourself. Staying well hydrated makes your skin more resilient, which will allow it to endure longer tattoo sessions, and help you heal faster following your tattoo session.
  • Moisturize: Lotion your skin once or twice a day for the week leading up to your tattoo session. Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the most critical measures to take because it makes it easier on you and the tattoo artist. Please don’t moisturize right before your session, however, as this could affect the tattoo machines function.
  • Exfoliating can help to create a clean canvas for your tattoo, but do not exfoliate the day of your tattoo.
  • Get good rest the night before your tattoo.
  • Make sure to eat a healthy meal before your tattoo appointment. You will need the


  • Bring snacks (for longer sessions).
  • If you sustain any injury leading up to your scheduled tattoo session, call your tattoo

    shop immediately and alert your artist to the extent of your injury. Your artist may recommend that you reschedule to give your body time to heal the existing injury before you put it under the tattoo machine.

  • Tattoos won’t heal well on freshly damaged skin, so anything which causes damage to the skin must be avoided. That includes getting a tan, a fake tan, a sunburn, a chemical peel, or any cuts or scrapes.
  • Please come alone. If you must bring someone, warn them that they will need to stay in the designated waiting area.
  • Nobody under 18 is permitted into the Salon.
  • Dress comfortably and appropriately. Prepare for a long session and dress

    accordingly. Avoid tight and constricting clothing. Pay some mind to where you will be getting tattooed and make sure the clothing you wear leaves the area easily accessible.

  • Dress in layers to accommodate for body/room temperature fluctuations and comfortability.
  • When you come in to get a tattoo done, relax and let the artist take their time. Don’t schedule commitments immediately after your tattoo session. If you are in a rush you will create an air of urgency, and your tattoo artist’s work may be affected.
  • Be sober. Do not use any numbing balms or topical creams on the area being tattooed on the day you are getting the tattoo. While it is acceptable to take over- the-counter pain relievers during your tattoo session, never use drugs or alcohol to numb the pain as they can lead to various complications and jeopardize your safety and the quality of your tattoo.
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol or blood thinning medication 48 hours prior to tattoo appointment. Consult your doctor and artist about any questionable medication prior to your appointment.
  • Please reschedule if you are sick.


  • Only ever touch your tattoo with clean hands.
  • Before touching your tattoo, wash your hands with unscented liquid Dial soap.
  • With your clean hands, wash your tattoo well with your liquid Dial soap. Make sure it

    never feels slimy.

  • Gently pat your tattoo dry with a paper towel after washing.
  • Wait 5 minutes after wash to apply a thin layer or Aquaphor, A&D ointment or clean &

    100% coconut oil (that has not been used for cooking). Always check the expiration

    date on your ointments and make sure to only dip into them with clean hands.

  • Too much ointment can lead to pigment loss or irritation bumps around the tattoo,

    so be sure to spread your ointment very thinly and dab excess ointment off with a

    paper towel.

  • Do this process of washing, drying and hydrating with ointment at least 3-5 times

    per day.

  • Consistently washing and hydrating your tattoo will prevent scabbing and will ensure

    your nest healed results.

  • Do not soak your tattoo in any still water.
  • Your tattoo can get wet in the shower, but do not allow the direct hot water of the

    shower onto your tattoo until it is fully healed.

  • Do not tan with an unhealed tattoo and avoid direct sun exposure until healed.
  • After tattoo is healed, applying at least a 30 SPF sun protection to avoid fading and

    discoloration of your tattoo.

  • Do not itch or pick at your tattoo. Picking and itching can cause scarring and

    pigment loss.

  • Do not re-bandage your tattoo. Your tattoo must be able to breathe during its healing

    process. Limit tight, rubbing and irritating clothing while you heal.



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