Tailored Classic Color

1/2 Highlight:

  Highlights on the top section of the head. 

*Creating a more natural effect or adding more brightness around the face depending on the placement of the  highlights. 

$60 – $160

3/4 Highlight: 

 Highlights on the top section and the sides of the head. 

*Creating a lighter and brighter effect on the head

$70 – $180

Full Highlight:

  Highlights on every section of the head from the nape of the neck to the  top of the head. 

*Creating the most impact and lightness.

$80 – $200

Single Color:

  Root touch up and or a Single all over color. 

$60- $110

  • Add a Single Color service to any Highlight service for a minimum $25.00


Change tone – Want to add warmth or cool down your hair? how about adding some shine?

$20 – $50

Please note: During your appointment you may see 1 or more assistants. These assistants are highly trained through our coaching program and are over seen by Clemente Porras. Assistants will be helping prep your hair for your service and helping to finish your style.